Privacy Policy

1. Use of Personal Email Address

In order to set up a login and to maintain use of the application, a user must enter an email address.  We wish to advise that any user who enters an email address with their name in it may be identifiable by the Application administrators, and this may give rise to personal details becoming known to the administrators.  If a user is uncomfortable with their personal details becoming known, we can offer alternatives:-
I. Users have the option to set up an email address under an anonymous name e.g.  An anonymous email should be set up before the user sets up their use of the Application to ensure they cannot be directly identified.
II. If a user does not wish to use an anonymous email , we are happy to recommend the use of our Personal Spending Plan, which can be accessed on our main site, and which can be downloaded or printed at home.

We will not use any personal details for marketing or share it with any third party not involved in administering the application for Muintir Skibbereen Credit Union Ltd.

2. Data Collection & Use of Information

We do not collect personal data from the details entered on the application, however, we do collect information in aggregate.  This means that we collect details anonymously and apply them to put together statistical details such as- how many users we have; what our average user’s income and outgoings are and what’s left over for spending at the end of the month.  We will not gather the information for the purposes of identifying an individual member.  The purpose of gathering information in aggregate is to assess our users’ needs, and how we can meet them and improve our services. 

3. Who controls the data?

The Credit Union controls the data, however, the providers of the Application- Granite Digital- process it on our behalf.  What this means, is that our Application providers maintain the Application and process the data which is collected in aggregate for the purposes of providing us with the statistics.   Neither Skibbereen Credit Union, nor Granite Digital will disclose any personal details (such as personal email details) to any other party unless you request this information is provided, or, if the details are required by law to be disclosed.

4. Security

We take our responsibilities in maintain security seriously, this application has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of information.

5. Correct or update your details

If you wish to amend your personal email details, this can be done by
• Emailing us at –  or
• Writing to us at- Muintir Skibbereen Credit Union, 13 Main Street, Skibbereen, Co. Cork

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